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Jeffrey TuringanJT Front End Developer


Hello and Welcome to my online portfolio , I’m Jeffrey Turingan, a designer and front end developer for almost 10 rock’n years.
My focus is to create stylish, clean and creative websites, i can work with companies and individuals who need an effective creative online presence!


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  • jt

    This is my personal website. fully responsive, 1page website.

  • elmundo

    El Mundo Travel & Tours (New Design)

    El Mundo Travel & Tours is travel service company committed to making travel safe, fun, exciting and hassle-free for its customers.

  • movent


    A fully responsive animated website for Movent [ which is my current employer. ] . A corporate website built and designed using PHOTOSHOP6, HTML5, CSS3 and JQUERY.


I'm Jeffrey Turingan a.k.a torz or torzrock in facebook and I'm a front End developer based in Manila Philippines. As a front end developer I'm in charge of everything that you as a user of the website can see. I'm the combination of "Web Designer" and "Web Developer", i can use the Photoshop like a Graphic Designer and i write code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP etc like a web developer. I can work alone and or work in a team, I can create wide range of web solution from static to CMS, desktop web to mobile web interface. feel free to ask me anything about website.. i wont charge you for Questioning. :).

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