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I'm Jeffrey Badajos Turingan a.k.a torz or torzrock in facebook and I'm a front End developer based in Manila Philippines. As a front end developer I'm in charge of everything that you as a user of the website can see. I'm the combination of "Web Designer" and "Web Developer", i can use the Photoshop like a Graphic Designer and i write code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP etc like a web developer. I can work alone and or work in a team, I can create wide range of web solution from static to CMS, desktop web to mobile web interface. feel free to ask me anything about website.. i wont charge you for Questioning. :) I'd Love to hear from you.♥♥ To inquire about my availability, rates, or just say hey, email me at:


Name: Jeffrey Badajos Turingan Birthdate: April 1983 Location: Quezon City, Philippines Graduate Course: Information Technology Years of Experience: 6 years and counting " I like to let people talk who like to talk. It is easier to figure out how full of shit they are."

What do I know?

XHTML, CSS2, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, Javascript, JQuery, Wordpress, Drupal Theming, HTML5, CSS3, BASIC FLASH ANIMATION, NEWSLETTER, and other stuff that involves skinning or theming your website.

What I can do for you?

I'm happy to work alone or as part of a team to find the perfect solution to your project. I listen to your needs and then solve them. We can work together on website designs, application development, e-commerce solutions, print design or any other custom requests.

What to do now?

Take the first step towards your new project and contact me. Buzz me an email and I'll either email or call you straight back.



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